Want to know more about The Mac App? Read on …

Introducing the all new and improved Mac App. With a fresh new look - the new app will make your banking even simpler.

You can download The Mac App from the App Store or Google Play Store. Best of all, it’s free for Members of The Mac.

To use The Mac App, you need to be registered for Online Banking. If you are not registered for Online Banking, please contact our team on 1300 622 278 or pop into your local branch.

When you first open The Mac App, you will be prompted to register using your Member Number and Online Banking Password. If you do not know your Member Number or Online Banking Password, please contact us on 1300 622 278.

Once you are registered you can set up either a PIN, pattern, Face ID or Touch ID (if your phone has this capability) to access The Mac App in the future.

You sure can! Once you are logged into your account, tap on the hamburger menu in the top left, select Settings & Security then Settings. Scroll down to Manage Registered Devices and tap. From here you can manage any devices you may a have registered. If you wish to remove a device - simply tap the Bin and then tap Yes. You'll then need to re-register to use The Mac App on that particular device. 

Yes, The Mac App does have a logout button. It also has a time out period, so if you leave your phone unattended with The Mac App open it will automatically log you out after a short time.

You will need to re-register The Mac App on your new phone. You can then de-register your old phone using the Manage Registered Devices option in the Settings & Security menu.

You sure can! Simply go to the Setting & Security menu from the hamburger menu and scroll to the bottom - from here you can set your default payment account and re-order your accounts.

Yes. You can set up a quick balance by swiping across the home screen to the Quick Balance screen - once set up, you will be able to view this screen without having to log in. Alternatively, you can also set up and manage your Quick Balance from the Settings & Security option in the hamburger menu.

Yes. You can set up a savings goal by swiping the home screen to the Savings Goal screen - alternatively, you can also set up and manage your Savings Goal from the Settings & Security option in the hamburger menu.

Yes. Within the Cards menu you can activate a new card, cancel a lost, report a stolen or damaged card and order a new card. You can even lock and unlock your card temporarily. You also have the ability to add your card to your Apple Wallet on compatible devices. Plus you can change your Visa Debit PIN as well (if you have SMSOTP registered)

It could be that your Online Banking access is restricted or you aren't registered for Online Banking. Please contact our friendly team on 1300 622 278 or pop into your local branch and we can fix that for you.