What is a Home Loan Key Facts Sheet?

A Home Loan Key Facts Sheet (HLKFS) contains information on the standard products on offer by setting out in a standardised format, pricing and other information about products available, to allow you to readily compare different home loans.


What the Key Facts Sheet gives you

The HLKFS will summarise the key facts about a standard home loan, such as interest rates, the total cost of a loan, monthly/annual repayments and an explanation of how monthly repayments will be affected if interest rates increase.

All credit providers are required by law to make a HLKFS available to you for their home loan products, so you can use it to quickly and easily compare loan features across all financial institutions.


What you should know

The HLKFS is based on standardised home loan information and does not contain discounted interest rates, special packages or interest only repayment options that may apply to you. To check your eligibility and ensure all your requirements have been met please contact us.


To generate a Key Facts Sheet simply:

  1. select the loan of your preference;
  2. choose your loan amount/term; and
  3. click ‘View Results’.

All the details of your loan, including interest rate, repayments and fees are then shown on the screen. Reuse the calculator as many times as you like until you’re happy with the result, then click on the button at the bottom of the screen to obtain your personalised Key Facts Sheet and have it emailed straight to you.