You've found THE perfect car. Enough room for the family, all the features you want and you can take it right now if you use the dealership's finance company to pay for the car. Tempting, but is it worth it?


Don't be pressured to make a quick decision

Sales people are trained in the art of closing a deal. They could be so good at it that you don't even realise that you're being persuaded to behave in a particular way. The truth is, as the purchaser or customer, YOU hold the power in this situation. Many members call us and report feeling pressured to take the finance the dealership is offering. Remember, you always have the power to choose for yourself. You are signing up for a significant amount of debt and this isn't a decision to rush. If you've found a car that you love and want to compare the deal you're being offered at the dealership, call our team on 1300 622 278. We can talk you through what you should be looking for in flexible and fair finance.


Look carefully at the fine print of the finance

Found a 1% or 0% finance offer from the dealership? Be careful. Often, the deal is linked to the final price of the vehicle. You can read more at Car Sales here. Car Sales points out that the advertised price on low interest rate deals from dealerships is often higher than the cars' original price to offset the low interest rate deal. Is there a balloon payment payable at the end of the finance? A balloon payment is an amount payable to purchase the car after the finance has ended. Many people get caught out with the balloon payment and need to take out personal loans to cover the amount. It's worth asking what the loan repayments will be over the life of the finance to compare apples with apples. (This comes in handy for the next point).


Compare the finance deal with what's available in the market

It's wise to compare the deal you are being offered with other financial institutions. Our members appreciate that our team can have their car loan approved and funded quicker than most other providers; and as honest and ethical lenders, we encourage members to visit reputable comparison site Canstar to see what's competitive in the market. Again, it's always worth calling our team on 1300 622 278 to chat through your options and to find out if the dealership's finance is as competitive as it seems.


Get excited. You're buying a car!

Remember to have fun! You're getting a new car and this is exciting! Don't let the stress of finding a good deal or negotiating with dealerships dishearten you against what could be a very happy time. Our Member Service Centre team is always happy to talk to you about car loans and financing your new car. Call us on 1300 622 278 or request a call back and we'll be in touch.


Essential Points
  1. Don't feel pressured to make a quick decision
  2. Look carefully at the fineprint of the finance
  3. Compare the finance deal with what's available in the market
  4. Get excited. You're buying a car!


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